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Product specifications and information

The Small Donut Crumple Bed is suitable for Small Dog Breeds & Adult Cats. The Whole Bed is fully Machine Washable in Cold Water and comes with a Removable Stuffed Pillow.

Outer Circle 58cm * Inner Circle 30cm * Height 22cm

This Bed is made with a 2.5cm Removable Mattress OR a 2.5cm Removable Mattress with a Little Added Stuffing OR a Stuffed Pillow.  We recommend Hand Washing the Mattress on this sized Bed to avoid losing Shape.  The Bed can be Washed in the Machine in Cold Water if your Machine is big enough.

Outer Circle 80cm * Inner Circle 46cm * Height 20cm

These Beds are made with a 5cm thick Removable Mattress and Removable Mattress Cover and the whole Bed can be Washed in the Machine IF your Machine is big enough in Cold Water otherwise you would need to have cleaned by a Laundromat.  Please remove the Cover from the Mattress before Washing.

 L – Outer Circle 86cm * Inner Circle 55cm * Height 25cm –

XL – Outer Circle 93cm * Inner Circle 60cm * Height 26cm

GIANT – Outer Circle 125cm * Inner Circle 90cm * Height 30cm

We use only Top-Quality Fabrics to make all our Bedding and Furniture, Faux Fur Long Haired * Coral Fleece * Blanket Fleece * Corded Fur * Short Haired Faux Fur * Velour or a combination of two Fabrics and for our Lining we use Polar Fleece.


Hand Wash to avoid losing shape

3 Days to 1 Week Lead Time to Manufacture.  They are attached to the Wooden Base with Velcro for easy removal for washing purposes.  Hand Wash Only. Pillow can be Machine Washed. Due to the effects of the elements, we do not recommend our Mod Pods be used Outside.

Due to the Different Fabrics used each Bed comes out slightly differently so please check the dimensions on our Website for the Bed you have chosen so you can see the exact dimensions. Dimensions Listed above are Approximate.

We Ship Nationwide on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS.  We need your Full Street Address and AREA CODE as well as the Actual Bed you are interested in before we can obtain a Shipping Quote for you.  Lead Time for Cape Town is Approximately 2 to 3 Working Days & all other Regions in South Africa 3 to 4 Working Days.

Our Products are all PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN & HANDMADE IN CAPE TOWN by Myself and My Seamstresses.

Aristacat * Hipster Hound * Quirky Critters

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