After a long day at work, we can all agree that the comforts of home help us to relax and escape from the stressful environment. Imagine how well-rested you feel in the morning after sleeping on a comfortable bed. The right bed makes all the difference in how well your body feels, especially your back. As we have humanized our pets to live indoors with us, they, too, require some TLC when it comes to their bedding!

Types of Pet Bedding

With the right pet bed, your dog will rest comfortably and get up feeling his furry best all year-round!

Why are Beds Important?

  1. The right bed can provide your dog with a special area that he can designate as his own “palace”. Think territory – dogs absolutely L-O-V-E claiming their own turf, and beds offer this fulfillment. If he’s got his own comfortable space, he’s less likely to take up yours.
  2. Dogs require a safe haven that they can go to when they’re feeling scared or anxious. During a thunderstorm, your dog will appreciate having a nice, warm bed to crawl into.
  3. Of course, we can’t forget that dogs are naturally denning animals. Yes, the comforts of a bed are similar to what dogs’ ancestors – the wolves – were accustomed to having when not out on a trek.

Sleep Style

Do you sleep wildly or do you prefer the fetal position? These are also questions that you must answer for your dog. Knowing your dog’s sleep style is also an essential factor in choosing the right bed as all beds are not designed equal. Some of the most popular sleep styles include: Stretch Out and Curl Up.

Curl Up

Curl Up style beds include loungers, cuddlers, and bolsters. These beds are excellent for those dogs that love to curl up on the couch or in your bed, under the covers, or if you live in an area subject to cold weather. Yes, your precious pooch is sure to have the ultimate cuddle experience in these curl up style beds!

Loungers, cuddlers, and bolsters are distinguished by their raised sides, plush fabric, and rounded shape. Bespoke Brats also offers a diverse selection of beds in trendy styles to complement your home décor. After all, who says pet furniture can’t make the room stand out?

How to Clean

Cleaning your pet’s bed doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right household clean supplies, which you probably already own, and a little patience, your pet’s bed will always look and smell brand new!

Always read the care instructions carefully to ensure that you preserve the integrity of your pet’s bed for years to come.
Be sure to check whether or not the cover on your pet’s bed can be unzipped. If so, the cover can probably be machined washed on the gentle cycle.

Another option for those beds that don’t offer a removable cover is to simply place the entire bed into the washing machine, size permitting, on delicate cycle., and allowing to dry thoroughly.

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