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Cat Basket Bed



Beautiful Super Soft Snug Cosy Cat Basket Bed Handmade in Cape Town…Stepping Out Of The Box On Pet Furniture….Simply Because They Deserve The Best – Bringing Colour to the Pet World – Cats are so much like Humans in so many ways.  They require love attention and care and providing your Cat with A Beautiful Warm Soft Place to Sleep Will Keep Him or Her Warm and Happy.  Our Cat Basket Beds are made with Love and Care To ensure your Cat Is as Comfortable as possible.  The Sides Are Firm, The Centre Is Soft and we have used Beautiful Soft Fabrics to ensure Maximum Comfort and Colours that you can match up to your Furniture and Bedding.  Cats love to be in Snug Small Enclosed Places and we have Created a Basket Bed that is the Perfect Size for An Adult Cat to Fit Snugly Inside.


What’s In The Box :

1 x Cat Basket Bed


  • Hand Wash to Avoid Losing Shape
  • Firm Sides
  • Soft Centre
  • Comfortable
  • Snug
  • Cosy
  • Lots of Colours to choose from to match with your furniture


  • Fabrics: We use only top quality fabrics to make all our Bedding and Furniture
  • Our Donut crumple beds and Basket Beds are made with Faux Fur, Coral Fleece, Blanket Fleece, Corded Fur or Faux Fox Fur, or a combination of 2 fabrics
  • Lining: We use Polar Fleece for our Lining
  • Mattresses, Basket Beds, Tunnels: Are made using Thick Foam
  • Size: W=37cm L=37cm      H=10cm Inner Circle W=31cm   L= 31cm
  • Due to the Sensitivity of Animals Scent we do Not Take Returns on our Products so Please Ensure you have checked Dimensions on your Bed and chosen the correct Color.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 15 × 37 cm


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