Are you wondering if you should buy a bed for your furry friend? There are plenty of benefits for your pet, especially those with special needs, such as:

  • Support for aging and arthritic joints
  • Temperature regulation for all seasons
  • A safe haven to retreat and relax

Whether you are looking for your feline friend or special pooch, there are a few features you may want to consider when selecting your pet’s bed:

Material: You’ll want to consider if it — or its cover — is machine washable. For those with
dogs who like to chew or cats who like to scratch, also take into consideration the durability of the material.

Size: Make sure to purchase a bed that is big enough for your pet so they can rest comfortably. Measure your pet in their natural sleeping position, and then add 4 to 6 inches for cats and small dogs, or 8 to 12 inches for medium to large dogs.

Privacy: If your pet tends to retreat when you have guests over, a covered or semi-covered bed may be a good option to give them an added sense of security.

Style: Some dogs prefer beds with an edge for comfort and head support. Consider a deep bed that provides raised edges when a dog’s weight is in it or a couch-style bed with a partial edge.

Temperature: Does your pet tend to become cold or warm easily? If so, there are self-warming and heated beds to choose from to keep them comfortable. There also are raised beds intended to keep your pet cool by allowing air to circulate around and under the bed.


Now let’s dive into some lounging options for your cat’s comfort. Feline beds come in an array of shapes and sizes, including ones that are flat-shaped pillows, doughnut-shaped, partially covered, heated, self-warming, or window mounted.


While pet beds may look similar, many dog beds offer more luxurious features, such as memory foam filling that makes them similar to mattresses. There are also many raised bed models.

Whichever bed you choose, your pet will be happy that you took the time to find them a nice bed to slumber in comfort and peace.

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