Cat Beds Cape Town


In Loving memory of Gia
Aristacat was created in loving memory of Gia - and everything that came after him – A Cat….. Who came into our lives 5 years ago – an animal unlike any we have ever known - My Best Friend, and so we have created this business for our 7 beautiful rescue cats whose cuteness is too much not to document ……

Hipster Hound

Dogs deserve a comfy Bed too
After creating comfy beds for our cats we noticed that there weren't that many comfy beds in the market for Dogs and so we created Hipster Hound to give our barking canines a place of comfort too where they can snuggle into our pampering fabrics...

Dog Beds Cape Town
Small pet beds Cape Town

Quirky Critters

Just because we small doesnt mean we dont like comfort!
Well, whats there to say about the smallest of the small. They are also our loving pets that deserve warmth and comfort & so Quirky Critters was born. Ranging from Mice, rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbals & Birds to every little critter that could do with a comfy bed.